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форум об interactive fiction, текстовых приключенческих играх и всём таком...

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25.03.2014 20:28

некто с бородой (+354, -92)
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Онлайн-курс про рассказыванию историй (применительно к играм)

Знающим английский рекомендую обратить внимание.

The Future Of Storytelling

Learn how to analyze, contextualize and create stories and narratives in current media: from understanding storytelling basics to discussing new online tools and formats, this course brings together a network of media researchers, creators, and students.

It offers weekly video material, lessons, interviews and tasks on the following topics (not necessarily in this order):
- storytelling basics
- serial formats (on the TV, web and beyond)
- storytelling in role-playing games
- interactive storytelling in video games
- transmedia storytelling
- alternate-reality gaming
- augmented reality and location-based storytelling
- the role of tools, interfaces and information architectures in current storytelling.


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